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Window Care & Removal

How to close the windows

Snap the top window into the top channel by lifting all of the windows to the top. Pull the remaining three windows down toward the bottom channel.


How to open the windows

Lift the lower three windows 6 inches above the bottom of the top window. Place fingers on the top of windows #2, 3, and 4 and then quickly pull down. This will unsnap the #1 window out of the top channel. Place as desired.


How to remove and insert the windows

To take one out, push the window to the left (spring side) and remove the right side first using a zipping action from bottom to top,  

and then remove the left side. To insert the window install the left side (spring side) first and then insert the right side using a zipping action from bottom to top. The window being installed must overlap the window before it.


Cleaning Instructions

Standard Formula 409 can be used if it doesn’t have Clorox bleach in it. Dish soap and water can also be used. Cleaners not to use on the vinyl windows are: bleach, ammonia, or alcohol. The result of using one of these will fog the windows permanently.


Lubing Instructions

If the windows are stiff, lube sidetracks with Alum-A-Lube or a similar silicone lubricant. W-D 40 is not recommended. Be sure to use only a small amount of the spray at a time. Over lubricating will cause the windows to slide too freely.

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