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Camden, SC

Carolina Sunrooms has proudly kept Camden, SC comfortable for 20+ years. Providing sun rooms, screen rooms, comfort windows, and all season rooms, Carolina Sunrooms works with you to provide your dream room. Call now for a FREE Estimate today!

Services Provided in Camden, SC
  • Sunrooms

  • Screen Rooms

  • Carolina Comfort Windows

  • All Season Rooms

Camden, SC has a temperate climate that is typically mild throughout the year. The average annual temperature in Camden is around 66 degrees Fahrenheit, with highs of up to 90 degrees during the summer and lows of 32 degrees in the winter. Precipitation is fairly consistent throughout the year, with occasional snowfall in the winter months. Summertime brings high humidity and frequent rain showers. Overall, Camden enjoys a pleasant climate ideal for outdoor activities year-round.

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